Jason Martin at Lisson Gallery

Nearly twenty years after his last New York solo show, British artist Jason Martin is back with limited palette paintings in swathes of oil paint as lush and thick as frosting. (On view at Lisson Gallery’s 24th Street location through Feb 24th).

Jason Martin, Untitled (Olive Green Deep/Graphite Grey), oil on aluminum, 220 x 178 cm, 2017.

Eddie Martinez at Mitchell-Innes and Nash

A practical mentality dominates Eddie Martinez’s current two gallery solo show at Mitchell-Innes and Nash. Not finding a studio last summer, he painted in his yard. Finding inspiration in his daily drawings on family stationery, he scaled them up as eight-foot tall paintings. Titled ‘Love Letter,’ the second body of work would seem to refer to his wife’s name at the top of each painting though given the significance of drawing to his evocative abstract forms, he may have another muse in mind. (On view in Chelsea through Feb 24th).

Eddie Martinez, Love Letter #13, silkscreen ink, oil, spray paint and enamel on canvas, 96 x 75 inches, 2017.

Judith Henry at Bravin Lee

Titled ‘Casting Call,’ Judith Henry’s installation of 300 small abstract sculptures look like mini-cobbled together robots or tools. Featuring eyes or resembling cameras, some meet our gaze; others appear to be small totems, like the figure at front here, resembling Shiva surrounded by a ring of fire. (On view at Bravin Lee in Chelsea through Feb 17th).

Judith Henry, installation view at Bravin Lee Gallery, Chelsea, January, 2018.

Odili Donald Odita at Jack Shainman Gallery

Celebration is a synonym for freedom in Odili Donald Odita’s vibrant abstract paintings, canvases that act with joyous vitality against forces that would quiet and crush identity. (On view at Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea through Feb 10th).

Odili Donald Odita, Burning Sun, acrylic on canvas, 92 x 70 x 1 5/8 inches, 2017.

Arturo Herrera at Sikkema Jenkins & Co.

Large new paintings by Arturo Herrera suggest movement across the canvas, as if wind or gravity partnered with the Berlin-based painter to drag earthy, autumn tones over a now partially obscured pattern. Usually involving half-seen layers, Herrera’s works continue to obscure and reveal. (At Sikkema Jenkins & Co. through Jan 20th).

Arturo Herrera, Untitled, acrylic on canvas, 86.625 x 74.75 inches, acrylic on canvas, 2017.