Becky Kolsrud at JTT Gallery

Young LA artist Becky Kolsrud has fun with the old assertion that women are ‘closer to nature’ by literally cloaking her female figures – giantesses who dominate the landscape – with bodies of water that act like robes or shields. (At JTT Gallery on the Lower East Side through Dec 17th).

Becky Kolsrud, Three Women, oil on canvas, 76 x 90 inches, 2017.

Jonathan Monaghan at Bitforms

In Jonathan Monaghan’s latest fantastical animation, Disco Beast, a unicorn is captured and drained of energy by a predatory cell phone charging station only to be reborn in a luxury building’s hidden disco. Here, the unicorn is penned in by a ring of TSA scanners, an allusion to the Renaissance Unicorn Tapestries (which act as metaphor for marriage, among other things) and an update on the experience of being ‘captured.’ (On view at Bitforms on the Lower East Side through Dec 10th).

Jonathan Monaghan, The Unicorn in Captivity, 3D printed 18K gold plated brass, 3D printed porcelain, acrylic, 15 x 23 x 8 inches, 2017.

Hayv Kahraman at Jack Shainman Gallery

When Hayv Kahraman fled Baghdad during the first Gulf War, one of the few non-essential items her family took was a mahaffa, a traditional fan woven from palm tree fronds. In recent works at Jack Shainman Gallery, the artist has woven her paintings together in strips that recall the fan, artfully combining different realities. (On view in Chelsea on 24th Street through Dec 20th).

Hayv Kahraman, Mnemonic Artifact, oil on linen, 60 x 90 inches, 2017.

Cecily Brown at Paula Cooper Gallery

Inspired by shipwrecks in iconic 19th century paintings by Gericault and Delacroix, Cecily Brown’s latest oil paintings allow strange, fraught characters to emerge from the depths. In this detail from ‘Sirens and Shipwrecks and Bathers and the Band,’ a figure appears from swirling blue depths like a figurehead on a ship, a seemingly stray blue line forming a knowing smile. (At Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea through Dec 2nd).

Cecily Brown, detail from Sirens and Shipwrecks and Bathers and the Band, oil on linen, 97 x 151 x 1.5 inches, 2016.

Ashley Lyon at Jane Lombard Gallery

A crumpled red duvet at the entrance to Jane Lombard Gallery is at once cozy and alien – a symbol of the comforts of home, but a symbol that belongs to someone else. Constructed in fired clay by Ashley Lyon, sculptures including the bed covering, a piece of memory foam, pillows and this quilt offer a conceptual appreciation of the soft furnishings that make a house a home. (On view in Chelsea through Dec 21st).

Ashley Lyon, Wellspring, fired clay with mixed media surfacing, 7 x 8 x 19 inches, 2017.