Jane Corrigan at Kerry Schuss

Jane Corrigan blends average looks and extraordinary hair in portraits of young female athletes, finding moments of wonder in the everyday. (At Kerry Schuss on the Lower East Side through Oct 26th).

Jane Corrigan, Windbreaker (Adidas), oil on linen, 26.5 x 31 inches, 2014.


Stanley Lewis at Betty Cuningham Gallery

Whether he’s building up a support from layers of paper or putting down thick strokes of paint, American painter Stanley Lewis constructs heavily considered, highly absorbing scenes from the world around him. (At Betty Cuningham Gallery, now located on the Lower East Side, through October 25th).

Stanley Lewis, (detail from) Boat on the Beach, Lake Chautauqua, oil on canvas, 2013.


Irving Norman at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery

Mass groups of nude men and women, pawns in a larger social design, populate European-American artist Irving Norman’s work from the late 60s to 80s, now on view at Michael Rosenfeld Gallery. Here, futuristic planes packed with passengers shoot out polluting smoke as they blast ominously forward. (In Chelsea through October 25th).

Irving Norman, Airport, oil on canvas, 92 x 119 ¾ inches, 1972.


‘Body Electric’ at Ricco Maresca

Ricco Maresca’s excellent ‘Body Electric’ group exhibition of vintage and designed-for-the-body contemporary art takes tattooing to a new level. Here, a sampling of work from Colin Dale (top left), Jacqueline Spoerle (bottom right and left) and Duke Riley (top right) combine detail, skill and originality. (In Chelsea through Oct 25th).

Installation view of ‘Body Electric,’ including work by Colin Dale, Jacqueline Spoerle and Duke Riley at Ricco Maresca, Oct, 2014.


Andrea Robbins & Max Becher at Sonnabend Gallery

Famous for photographing evidence of cultural mixing/cross-over, artist duo Robbins and Becher travelled the country shooting images of Ten Commandment sculptures, some of which have sparked controversy when placed on public property. Here, the world’s largest version features letters five feet high. (At Chelsea’s Sonnabend Gallery through Oct 25th.)

Andrea Robbins and Max Becher, Fields of the Wood, Murphy, North Carolina.