Nancy Rubins at Gagosian Gallery

California artist Nancy Rubins has been collecting aluminum figures originally found on playgrounds; for her first major NY installation since showing at Lincoln Center in ’06, she combines them like organic masses into wall projections and freestanding sculpture to painterly effect. (At Gagosian Gallery’s 21st Street space through Sept 13th.)

Installation view of Nancy Rubins, ‘Our Friend Fluid Metal,’ at Gagosian Gallery’s 21st Street location, July, 2014.


Jason Larkin in ‘Interiors’ at Flowers Gallery

Part of a series of images shot in Egyptian museums, this intriguing 2009 image by British photographer Jason Larkin could have been taken decades ago. It appears to tell of information forgotten and marginalized. (At Chelsea’s Flowers Gallery through August 30th).

Jason Larkin, Museum 11, #3, archival pigment print, 30 x 30 inches, 2009.


Josh Kline in ‘Archeo’ on the High Line

Thirsty visitors to Chelsea’s High Line park will want to keep walking past New York artist Josh Kline’s contribution to the outdoor public sculpture show ‘Archeo.’ In this industrial fridge under the Standard Hotel, Kline presents a selection of drink containers labeled with ingredients that might turn you into a label checker. They include: ‘minimum wage,’ French fries, Mr Clean, K-Y jelly and fake plant. Takers?

Installation view of ‘Skittles’ by Josh Kline in ‘Archeo’ on the High Line, New York City.


Joan Mitchell at Cheim & Read

Abstract Expressionist fans won’t want to miss Cheim & Read Gallery’s summer exhibition of work by the late painter Joan Mitchell. It includes this thirteen-foot wide interpretation of trees, which pits aggressive forms against an elegantly cream-colored, muted background. (In Chelsea through August 29th).

Joan Mitchell, Trees, oil on canvas diptych, 94 ½ x 157 ½ inches, 1990-91.


Matthew Brandt at Yossi Milo

Known for his creativity with photo printing processes (he presented heliographs created with tar from the La Brea Tar Pits in his last show) LA artist Matthew Brandt created this piece from his ‘Burnout’ series by using acid to thin out areas of velvet on which he’s reproduced an image of a garment created with the same burnout process. (In Chelsea at Yossi Milo Gallery through August 29th).

Matthew Brandt, from the series Burnouts, SR03A, silkscreen print on silk velvet with acid treatment, 54 ¼” x 42 1/2,” 2014.