Paul Villinski at Morgan Lehman Gallery

Butterflies inspire and energize New York City artist Paul Villinski’s sculptural practice, which includes a self-portrait sculpture that doubles as a butterfly habitat, butterflies crafted from cans, and a purpose-built containment area designed to breed butterflies (pictured here in detail). His latest show at Morgan Lehman in Chelsea features all three projects, collectively showcasing the wonder of this insect. (Through Oct 11th).

Paul Villinski, (detail) Butterfly Machine, mixed media, electric and hydroponic components, plants, butterflies, 2014.


Zipora Fried at On Stellar Rays

Beautiful organic forms, a trace of violence in a smear of blood, a mysteriously hazy landscape and a young woman crowned with a wig of wool and hidden by a totemic mask by Zipora Fried create an atmosphere of enticing mystery at her impressive solo show at On Stellar Rays on the Lower East Side (through October 12th).

Zipora Fried, Installation view of ‘I Hope the Moon Explodes,’ at On Stellar Rays, September, 2014.


Justine Kurland at Mitchell-Innes and Nash

Cars have given photographer Justine Kurland the freedom to travel the country shooting unforgettable photos on her road trips; her latest series is a gritty but beautifully shot homage of sorts to the mechanics who keep them going. (At Mitchell-Innes and Nash in Chelsea through October 11th).

Justine Kurland, For Abigail, inkjet print, 18 ½ x 24 inches, 2014.


Anissa Mack at Laurel Gitlen Gallery

A low sound of waves and chirping is a subtle accompaniment to Anissa Mack’s clusters of helium dolphins; this hint of ‘real’ nature sharply contrasts the balloons’ reference to theme parks and carnivals and adds a little whimsy and wonder to mass produced inflatables. (At Laurel Gitlen Gallery on the Lower East Side through October 19th).

Anissa Mack, installation view of ‘Deep, Deep Pepsi’ at Laurel Gitlen Gallery, Sept 2014.


Paul Graham at Pace Gallery

New York-based British photographer Paul Graham mixes and scatters photos of rainbows shot in Ireland, pawn shops and images of his young partner asleep on the walls his latest solo show at Pace Gallery in a somewhat obvious but nevertheless beautiful mediation on finding your luck. (At Pace Gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location through Oct 4).

Paul Graham, installation view of ‘Does Yellow Run Forever?’ at Pace Gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location, Sept, 2014.