Sadie Benning at Callicoon Fine Arts

Black, yellow, red and white rectangles in Sadie Benning’s ‘Julie’s Rug’ painting suggest a national flag but the title refers to artist, activist and Group Material co-founder Julie Ault. Part of Benning’s solo show ‘Patterns’ at Callicoon Fine Arts on the Lower East Side, the handmade forms zing with energy and import. (Through Oct 26th).

Sadie Benning, Julie’s Rug, medite, aqua resin, casein and acrylic, 60 5/8 x 70 3/8 inches, 2014.


Ann Wilson at The Drawing Center

Inspired by the fact that the Drawing Center’s 1866 SoHo building originally housed a loom company, Chicago-based artist Anne Wilson’s installation is an artwork being gradually created by winding and crossing thread around the gallery’s columns. (Through December 14th).

Anne Wilson, To Cross (Walking New York), site-specific performance and sculpture, 2014.


Tomma Abts at David Zwirner Gallery

Though German artist Tomma Abts makes no use of source material, preferring to conjure shapes and forms from an intuitive trial and error process, the shapes in ‘Fenke’ brings to mind origami forms, unwrapped packaging and more. Playing with our perception of depth, she even slices a corner from this soothingly green canvas. (At David Zwirner Gallery through Oct 25th).

Tomma Abts, Fenke, acrylic and oil on canvas, 18 7/8 x 15 inches, 2014.


Jane Corrigan at Kerry Schuss

Jane Corrigan blends average looks and extraordinary hair in portraits of young female athletes, finding moments of wonder in the everyday. (At Kerry Schuss on the Lower East Side through Oct 26th).

Jane Corrigan, Windbreaker (Adidas), oil on linen, 26.5 x 31 inches, 2014.


Stanley Lewis at Betty Cuningham Gallery

Whether he’s building up a support from layers of paper or putting down thick strokes of paint, American painter Stanley Lewis constructs heavily considered, highly absorbing scenes from the world around him. (At Betty Cuningham Gallery, now located on the Lower East Side, through October 25th).

Stanley Lewis, (detail from) Boat on the Beach, Lake Chautauqua, oil on canvas, 2013.