Tommy Mishima at Nancy Margolis Gallery

Art history meets sneaker culture in paintings by Tommy Mishima at Nancy Margolis Gallery. (In Chelsea through August 7th).

Tommy Mishima, Sneakers 2, oil on canvas, 24 x 24 inches, 2015.


Peter Williams in ‘Secret Identities’ at Driscoll Babcock

Painted in response to police violence this year, Peter Williams’ tongue-in-cheek superhero, ‘N-Word,’ clobbers injustice personified by ghoulish characters in his series ‘Common and Proper Nouns.’ Here, with a physique far from the super-hero norm, this likeable underdog triumphs over a crowd of zombies and two scared authority figures. (At Driscoll Babcock through Aug 14th).

Peter Williams, Common Thread, oil on canvas, 30 x 24 inches, 2015.


Vera Neumann at Alexander Gray Associates

Blue, green, yellow, orange and red walls at Alexander Gray Associates are the perfect backdrop for a show of gorgeously colored paintings by late artist and housewares designer Vera Neumann, famous in the ‘60s and ‘70s for producing colorful, nature-inspired textiles, scarves, wallpapers and more. (In Chelsea through Aug 7th).

Vera Neumann, Installation view at Alexander Gray Associates, July 2015.


Kate Newby at Laurel Gitlen Gallery

New Zealand artist Kate Newby’s handmade ceramic skipping stones were a standout last summer at Tracy Williams’ summer group show; a year later, she’s enjoying her first New York solo show at Laurel Gitlen Gallery. Given the extra space to work with, she’s constructed a bright yellow platform to show off tiny handmade sculptures that suggest precious finds along a beach juxtaposed with unexplained spills. (On the Lower East Side through July 31st.)

Kate Newby, installation view of ‘I memorized it I loved it so much,’ wood, wax, concrete, mulberries, paint, 2015.


Marc Bijl in ‘Gray Would Be The Color If I Had A Heart’ at Marc Straus Gallery

A stolen sign from Gagosian Gallery’s Berlin location excites speculation on how artist Marc Bijl came by it and why. Gagosian Gallery’s polished reputation is at odds with the scrappy silver-taped board on which its sign now rests, suggesting a reversal of fortunes for this abducted fragment. (At Marc Straus Gallery through July 31st).

Marc Bijl, Collateral Image, stolen Gagosian Berlin sign, found poster, tape, acrylic on board, 43 x 60 ¼ inches, 2006.