Anissa Mack at Laurel Gitlen Gallery

A low sound of waves and chirping is a subtle accompaniment to Anissa Mack’s clusters of helium dolphins; this hint of ‘real’ nature sharply contrasts the balloons’ reference to theme parks and carnivals and adds a little whimsy and wonder to mass produced inflatables. (At Laurel Gitlen Gallery on the Lower East Side through October 19th).

Anissa Mack, installation view of ‘Deep, Deep Pepsi’ at Laurel Gitlen Gallery, Sept 2014.


Paul Graham at Pace Gallery

New York-based British photographer Paul Graham mixes and scatters photos of rainbows shot in Ireland, pawn shops and images of his young partner asleep on the walls his latest solo show at Pace Gallery in a somewhat obvious but nevertheless beautiful mediation on finding your luck. (At Pace Gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location through Oct 4).

Paul Graham, installation view of ‘Does Yellow Run Forever?’ at Pace Gallery’s 510 West 25th Street location, Sept, 2014.


Johannes VanDerBeek at Zach Feuer Gallery

How do babies see the world without benefit (or burden) of language and experience in interpreting forms? This question inspired Brooklyn artist and new father Johannes VanDerBeek’s more or less obviously human figures, including this flattened, rabbit-like form and a striding figure at Chelsea’s Zach Feuer Gallery (through Oct 4th).

Johannes VanDerBeek, to the left: Running in Grass, aqua-resin, fiberglass, steel, clay, silicon, paint, 65 x 45 inches, 2014. To the right: Early Outline with Leaning Features, Celluclay, Aqua-Resin, paint, steel, including base: 87 x 24 x ¼ inches, 2014.


David Benjamin Sherry at Salon94 and Danziger Gallery

Young LA-based artist David Benjamin Sherry made his name with eco-conscious photos that alter the landscape of the American west. Here, he collages several photos together making a quilt-like pattern of stones that resembles a Playdoh sculpture or a well-intentioned but garish re-do of nature. (At Salon94 on the Lower East Side and Danziger Gallery in Chelsea through Oct 25th).

David Benjamin Sherry, Emotional Algorithm Epoch, Joshua Tree, California I, collage of traditional color darkroom photos, 40 x 50 inches, 2014.


David Kramer at Thierry Goldberg Gallery

Dreaming of escape to a summer rental property, Brooklyn-bound artist David Kramer’s stayed in town prepping this show, which features paintings and a replica of a cabin’s front porch, littered with beer cans. The elephant in the room is this over 9 foot tall self-portrait of the artist as lumberjack whose imaginary might is coincidently paralleled in this image by a gallery staff member cleaning after opening night. (At Thierry Goldberg Gallery on the Lower East Side through October 5th).

David Kramer, Self-Portrait as a Lumberjack, mixed media, 113 x 56 x 26 inches, 2014.