Robert Kushner at DC Moore

Robert Kushner’s latest paintings at DC Moore include this gorgeous rendition of a fern, which blends modernist stripes with Japanese-style gold leafing and complex surface texture in a radiant homage to the natural world. (In Chelsea through Feb 14th).

Robert Kushner, Fern, oil, acrylic and gold leaf on linen, 84 x 60 inches, 2014.


Devin Troy Strother at Marlborough Chelsea

It could be the outer space carpet or the thickly painted pastel-colored smiley face on this painting, but it’s hard to be sober in young LA artist Devin Troy Strothers’ latest solo show at Marlborough Chelsea. Here, basketball literally becomes an art form as little players in mid-dunk decorate the eyes and smile of this goofily-grinning abstract painting. (Through Feb 14th).

Devin Troy Strother, Devin Troy Strother x Rob Pruitt x Cory Arcangel x Walead Beshty x A Sad Face x 10 Michael Jordans, ink jet, air brush, acrylic, oil varnish, painted paper on birch panel, 84 x 60 x 2 inches, 2014.


Al Taylor at David Zwirner Gallery

Using telephone cable and pipes from local construction sites, Al Taylor created this sculpture on site for an exhibition in Denmark in 1997. Here, the cables read like colorful and jittery lines connecting solid objects whose shapes suggest the entire piece might literally begin to move. (At David Zwirner Gallery, 20th Street location through Feb 14th.)

Al Taylor, Full Gospel Neckless (Dog Act), P.E. plastic tubes, rubber wheel chocks and plastic-coated copper telephone cable, 27 ½ x 206 x 64 inches, 1997.


Greer Patterson at Marlborough Gallery Broome Street

Greer Patterson’s new tropical landscape paintings at Marlborough Gallery were inspired by scenes from his Hawaiian shirts; the pool with two remote-controlled boats installed in the basement also uses materials at hand to create pleasant place. It’s not the Central Park boat pond, but on a cold January day, it’s nice to dream. (At Marlborough Gallery, Broome Street, through Feb 15th).

Greer Patterson, Partners in Crime, round metal frame pool with remote controlled boats, 30 x 144 x 144 inches, 2014.


Zachary Leener in ‘The Curve’ at Wallspace

Young LA-based artist Zachary Leener’s quirky abstract ceramic sculptures stand out in two New York group shows this month. At Wallspace Gallery in Chelsea, this beautifully glazed piece evokes the human body, truncated phallic forms and lab equipment. (Also at Rachel Uffner Gallery on the LES. At Wallspace through Feb 14th).

Zachary Leener, glazed ceramic, 14 x 12 x 13 inches, 2014.