Richard Dupont at Tracy Williams Ltd.

New York artist Richard Dupont inaugurates Tracy Williams Ltd‘s new Lower East Side location with sculptures and drawings of distorted bodies that recall both digital effects and fun-house mirrors. (Through July 29th).

Richard Dupont, Lauren, Marylene 1, bronze (polished), 30 x 17.5 x 8 inches, 2014-15.


Lisa Ruyter at Eleven Rivington

In the spirit of Sherry Levine’s iconic rephotographing of Walker Evans 1930s photos, Lisa Ruyter’s latest paintings reproduce photos from the Farm Security Administration’s archive of images shot during the Great Depression. In Ruyter’s words the images are, ‘a record of what was already being lost to Americans even as it was being constructed, an American dream of self-determination, independence and freedom.’ (At Eleven Rivington through July 3rd).

Lisa Ruyter, Russell Lee: Mother and child of agricultural day laborers family encamped near Spiro. Sequoyah County Oklahoma, acrylic on canvas, 78.74 x 39.37 inches, 2014.


Yoan Capote at Jack Shainman Gallery

Self-identity and national identity are tightly bound in Cuban artist Yoan Capote’s politically inflected artworks. Here, Capote peeks out from behind his sculpture of Castro, made from door hinges gathered from Havana households, suggesting either an open or closed door. (At Chelsea’s Jack Shainman Gallery through July 10th).

Yoan Capote, Immanence, mixed media including hinges, wood doors, metal armature, 120 x 180 x 180 inches, 2015.


Marcel Odenbach at Anton Kern Gallery

For his latest solo show, German video and collage artist Marcel Odenbach produces collaged images of what he calls ‘Green Zones,’ or marginal spaces in which nature and unexplained human activity meet. Seen here in detail, a scarf tied around a tree branch suggests a memorial, composed of clipped and copied press images referring to “…religious delusion, racism and murder…’ explains the gallery. (At Anton Kern Gallery in Chelsea through July 3rd).

Marcel Odenbach, Grunflache 3 (Green Zone 3), ink and collage on paper, 81 x 108 inches (framed), 2014/15.


Lee Krasner in ‘Abstraction’ at Robert Miller Gallery

Major Ab Exp school artist Lee Krasner’s huge ‘Comet’ signals the celestial realms in surprising color and washes of pure white light in a standout piece from 1970 in ‘Abstraction’ at Chelsea’s Robert Miller Gallery. (Through July 31st).

Lee Krasner, Comet, oil on canvas, 70 x 86 inches, 1970.