Francesco Clemente at Mary Boone Gallery

Angels sleep under rainbows in Francesco Clemente’s ‘Angels’ Tent,’ while top-hatted men act oppressively (one enslaves two figures) in the ‘Devil’s Tent.’ The lushly decorated Mughal style tents signal Clemente’s nomadic lifestyle while making a strong contrast between good and evil. (At Chelsea’s Mary Boone Gallery through Dec 20th).

Francesco Clemente, installation view of Angels’ Tent and Devil’s Tent at Mary Boone Gallery, Nov, 2014.


Josh Faught at Lisa Cooley Gallery

Glitzy sequins compete with more down-to-earth hand woven hemp fabric in a sculpture by San Francisco artist Josh Faught titled ‘Greg’ after a past romantic attachment. The clock suggests that time ran out on this relationship while a spilled drink and two tins of cookies (all food made of plastic) implies the unexpected upset of something delicious. (At Lisa Cooley Gallery on the Lower East Side through Dec 21st).

Josh Faught, Greg, hand woven and crocheted hemp (hand dyed in colors to match the 2013/2014 color forecast, Indigo, gold spray paint, sequin trim, silk, wool, giant clothes pin, spill (resin) with Cathy mug, chocolate chip cookies (plastic), and tin of butter cookies (plastic and metal) on Cedar support, 76 x 74 x 12 inches, 2014.


Yui Kugimiya at Marlborough Gallery

Known for cheeky stop-motion animations made by photographing thickly textured paintings, Brooklyn artist Yui Kugimiya settles into a vividly colored, thickly painted non-moving images for her current show at Marlborough Gallery’s LES location. Painted as she looked out of her studio window at the East River, their Fauve color and style offers an intensely personal view of the city and here, its geese. (Through Dec 21st).

Yui Kugimiya, Geese on East River – One – 2, oil on canvas, 16 x 16 inches, 2014.


Giuseppe Gabellone at Andrew Kreps Gallery

Like a giant emptied beanbag chair, Italian artist Giuseppe Gabellone’s ‘Acid Green’ fabric installation flops in the corner of Andrew Kreps’ Chelsea gallery, transforming the space and color of the room. Part of a show of work by artists who push their materials, the piece boldly occupies its space while suggesting future uses for the fabric. (Through Dec 20th).

Giuseppe Gabellone, Verde Acido, velvet fabric, acrylic padding, 590 ½ x 452 ¾ inches, 2012.


Frank Stella at Marianne Boesky Gallery

Though this huge polished aluminum sculpture by iconic minimalist-turned-maker of-exuberant-forms Frank Stella looks like a giant Christmas tree ornament, at over 18’ tall it’s too big even for the Rockefeller tree. Titled ‘Puffed Star II,’ it continues Stella’s interest in forms that take over the space they’re in. (At Marianne Boesky Gallery’s Chelsea space through Dec 20th.)

Frank Stella, Puffed Star II, polished aluminum, 224 ½ x 224 ½ inches, 2014.