Brea Souders at Bruce Silverstein Gallery

New York photographer Brea Souders’ light-infused abstract and figurative images suggest damaged film and fleeting moments; here, a fog of peachy light drifts over a surprisingly life-like cast face, signaling both memories of someone gone and a memorial. (At Bruce Silverstein Gallery in Chelsea through August 1st).

Brea Souders, Rosie, archival inkjet print, 25 x 20 inches, 2012.


Sally Curcio in ‘A Refined Existence’ at J. Cacciola Gallery

Massachusetts-based artist Sally Curcio builds magical worlds under protective bubbles using everyday materials from bathmats to barrettes. This enticing city of pretty towers and green parks – appropriately titled ‘Happy Place’ stands out in J. Cacciola Gallery’s summer group show. (In Chelsea through July 26th).

Sally Curcio, Happy Place, pins, beads, flocking, hairbrush, contact lens packaging, false eyelashes, fruit netting, barrettes, paperclips, curlers, ear buds, fabric, shuttlecock, lite brite pegs, tub mat, rubber grape, bubbles wand, perfume funnel, button, milk carton tabs, soup carton tab, olive oil spout, zip tie, plastic mesh, extruded polystyrene, acrylic paint, acrylic bubble, wood base, 12 x 12 x 6 inches, 2014.


Inka Essenhigh in ‘Sargent’s Daughters’ at Sargent’s Daughters

It’s hard to tell if this enchanted scene is aided or threatened by the dark-faced spirit behind a frolicking young woman and two sprites. Titled ‘The 1%,’ this painting by New Yorker Inka Essenhigh suggests that their bliss is tenuous. (At Sargent’s Daughters through July 26th).

Inka Essenhigh, The 1 %, oil on canvas, 30 x 12 inches 2014.


Brock Enright in ‘Slip’ at Mitchell-Innes & Nash

Titled ‘Beach,’ these copper leaf covered Doritos by Brooklyn-based artist Brock Enright, along with ‘Night,’ ‘Secret 3,’ and ‘Winter’ up the wall, look like moths or jewelry – fragile emanations of junk food. (At Chelsea’s Mitchell-Innes & Nash through July 25th).

Brock Enright, Beach, Doritos, resin and copper leaf, 2 ¼ x 4 ¾ x 1 inch, 2014.


Gedi Sibony in ‘Galerie Neu at Gladstone Gallery’

This ready-made painting/sculpture composed of truck doors hung on the wall by New York artist Gedi Sibony looks like it’s been around the block. Heavy use and the suggestion of censorship in the grey-painted areas give these otherwise mundane doors interest. (At Chelsea’s Barbara Gladstone Gallery through August 1st).

Gedi Sibony, The Revolving Rey, trailer, 109 x 94 ½ inches, 2014.