Susan Lichtman at Steven Harvey Fine Art Projects

The canvas barely manages to contain an angled view of a screened window by painter Susan Lichtman, reflecting an outdoor scene from her Massachusetts home. With one window panel opening toward viewers, the painting appears to project itself into Steven Harvey Fine Art Project’s narrow gallery space, an arresting and dynamic move that belies an apparently tranquil domestic scene. (On the Lower East Side through July 15th).

Susan Lichtman, Cookout, oil on linen, 64 x 58 inches, 2016.

Gregory Crewdson

The color and lighting of Gregory Crewdson’s new photos can be traced to his interest in how painters of the 19th century and prior drew viewers into their paintings with detail and tones that could be appreciated from both near and far. The photos’ suspenseful and melancholy mood might be attributable to major life changes, which have included a new gallery, a divorce and a move out of New York. (At Gagosian Gallery’s 21st Street location through March 5th).

Gregory Crewdson, Woman at Kitchen Window, digital pigment print, 45 1/16 x 57 9/16 inches, 2013.
Gregory Crewdson, Woman at Kitchen Window, digital pigment print, 45 1/16 x 57 9/16 inches, 2013.

Sandra Allen in ‘Land and Sea’ at Danese Corey

Known for graphite-on-paper drawings of trees, Massachusetts-based artist Sandra Allen creates an almost abstract, immensely powerful image from the trunk of a tree in ‘Ballast’ from 2009. (At Danese Corey through July 31st).

Sandra Allen, Ballast, graphite on paper, 11 x 18.5 feet, 2009.

Lucy Kim at Lisa Cooley

Over one hundred dental casts of the same smile create a grid in this slightly creepy, subtly funny 3-D painting by Massachusetts-based painter Lucy Kim at Lisa Cooley Gallery on the Lower East Side. With cartoon-like swirls of red curls and sesame seeds connoting freckles, this character – with her super abundance of toothy grins – charms and repulses at the same time. (Through Feb 15th).

Lucy Kim, detail of Tomorrow, Tomorrow (Leeza Smiles), oil paint, acrylic paint, urethane resin, polyurethane glue on dibond panel, 36 x 45 inches, 2014.

Sally Curcio in ‘A Refined Existence’ at J. Cacciola Gallery

Massachusetts-based artist Sally Curcio builds magical worlds under protective bubbles using everyday materials from bathmats to barrettes. This enticing city of pretty towers and green parks – appropriately titled ‘Happy Place’ stands out in J. Cacciola Gallery’s summer group show. (In Chelsea through July 26th).

Sally Curcio, Happy Place, pins, beads, flocking, hairbrush, contact lens packaging, false eyelashes, fruit netting, barrettes, paperclips, curlers, ear buds, fabric, shuttlecock, lite brite pegs, tub mat, rubber grape, bubbles wand, perfume funnel, button, milk carton tabs, soup carton tab, olive oil spout, zip tie, plastic mesh, extruded polystyrene, acrylic paint, acrylic bubble, wood base, 12 x 12 x 6 inches, 2014.