Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman Gallery

“Looking at art is a free experience,” says painter Leslie Wayne, meaning that it doesn’t have to cost a thing, but also questioning how freely we look at something new. The title piece for the show, ‘Free Experience,’ relies on the associations we bring to its colorful, patterned drapery of oil-skins that recalls flags, modernist textiles and more. (At Jack Shainman Gallery in Chelsea through Oct 21st).

Leslie Wayne, Free Experience, oil on wood, 28 ½ x 26 x 7 inches, 2015.

Leslie Wayne at Jack Shainman Gallery

Leslie Wayne’s new series ‘Paint/Rag’ demonstrates how it’s possible to make a painting made from paint alone. By troweling colors one on top of the other on a surface of wet paint, then folding the sheet, Wayne creates gorgeous drapes of solid color. (At Jack Shainman Gallery’s 24th Street location through March 22nd).

Leslie Wayne, Paint/Rag #31, oil on panel, 14 x 9 x 4 ½ inches, 2013.

Leslie Wayne in ‘Compilation’ at Jack Shainman Gallery

Working to music (including like Patti Griffin’s ‘One Big Love,’ after which the series was titled) and restricting her painting to shaped surfaces like this draped rag, New York artist Leslie Wayne explains that she was seeking to capture the ‘eureka moment,’ when inspiration takes over and a piece ‘works.’  (At Chelsea’s Jack Shainman Gallery through Aug 17th).  

Leslie Wayne, One Big Love #63 (Paint/Rag #5), oil on panel, 2011.