Brian Rochefort at Van Doren Waxter

Young LA-based sculptor Brian Rochefort takes inspiration from nature, modeling his ceramic vessels after a giant underwater sinkhole off the coast of Belize and a series of water-flooded caves in tropical climes among other natural wonders. Building up organic shapes from mud and clay, Rochefort covers their surfaces with ceramic, glass and glaze to create a wonder-inspiring experience of his own. (On view at Van Doren Waxter on the Lower East Side through Dec 22nd).

Brian Rochefort, SETI, stoneware, earthenware, glaze, glass, 17 x 14 x 13 inches, 2017.

Thomas Struth at Marian Goodman Gallery

Astronauts simulate working in the weightlessness of space in Houston’s Johnson Space Center, where they perform tasks on models in a giant pool; captured by German photographer Thomas Struth, the lab appears to be suspended in space and time, submerged as if in jelly or under glass. (At Marian Goodman Gallery on 57th Street through Dec 22nd).

Thomas Struth, Full-scale Mock-up 1, JSC, Houston, inkjet print, image: 60 7/8 x 110 ¼ inches, 2017.

Susan Wides at Kim Foster Gallery

Susan Wides’ innovative use of a tilt shift lens allows her to choose which plane in a landscape she’ll bring into sharp focus and what she’ll allow to blur. The resulting compositions are a charming reintroduction to the natural world, appearing abstract until our eyes can pick out the details, here, of flowers in the foreground and falling water beyond. (On view in Chelsea at Kim Foster Gallery through Dec 22nd).

Susan Wides, September 3, 2016_12:49:45, dye sublimation on aluminum, 60 x 40 inches.

Debi Cornwall at Steven Kasher Gallery

Photographer Debi Cornwall’s goal in visiting the U.S. naval station at Guantanamo Bay three times in ’14-’15 was to draw the public into looking at the camp again. Ironically, in some of the most effecting photos in her resulting series, her subjects look away. Men who were detained for years, in many cases with out ever having charges filed, refuse another interrogation – this time by viewers. (At Chelsea’s Steven Kasher Gallery through Dec 23rd. )

Debi Cornwall, Mourad, French Algerian, Lyon, France, 26 x 30 inches, archival pigment print, printed 2017.

Lara Schnitger at Anton Kern Gallery

Described by Anton Kern Gallery as a ‘traveling hybrid procession-protest piece,’ LA artist Lara Schnitger’s installation at Kern’s 55th Street address features inspirational banners and a huge, mysterious ‘Venus of Fernando’ on a palanquin. Schnitger calls the installation ‘Suffragette City,’ a place in which female power is explored in radically idiosyncratic ways. (On view in mid-town through Dec 23rd).

Lara Schnitger, installation view of ‘Too Nice Too Long’ at Anton Kern Gallery, Dec 2017.